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Cape Tormentine Outer Wharf Lighthouse History

This beacon was established in 1902 with the current short pepper-pot style tower put in place in the 1940s. Ferry service was discontinued in 1997 and the Cape Tormentine Outer Wharf lighthouse was deactivated. It was reactivated in 1998 at the request of local fishermen.

The current location is fenced to prohibit access. While the lighthouse is outside of the Cape Tormentine Community Development Corporation's (CTCDC) property, it is visible from the Campground. The CTCDC non-profit has inquired about gaining access to the lighthouse for the purpose of preservation, restoration, and interpretation and hopes this will be an option in the future. Unfortunately, the Cape Tormentine Outer Wharf lighthouse sustained further damage during hurricane Fiona (2022).

- established in 1902

- activated nightly starting in 1906

- raised in 1919

-short pepper pot style tower was put in place in 1940s

Position: 46.13148 N, -63.78512 W

-1997, the Cape Tormentine-Borden Ferry was discontinued with the Cape Tormentine Pier

Range Lights. By request of local fishermen, the Outer Wharf Light was reactivated in 1998

- Keepers: J.R. Barry (1906 – 1912), John Leslie Wall (1912 – 1939), Belford Allen (1939 – 1940),

Courtney Thompson Wall (1940 – 1959).

Position: 46.13148 N, -63.77220 W


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Online Resources:

Cape Tormentine Outer Wharf Lighthouse:

This informal research project was undertaken Summer 2022 by the Beacon Of The East special projects division of the Cape Tormentine Community Development Corporation. If you have stories, photos, artifacts or information about Cape Tormentine please email:

*Below: Cape by Sunset by Matthew Cook, Bottom: Wharf Lighthouse After Hurricane Fiona (Sept. 2022) by CTCDC

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