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Strait Shores Council: Meet & Greet Event

The East Botsford Recreation Center will be hold a MEET AND GREET November 18, 2022 for the Candidates for our new Community Strait Shores.

Election Day: Monday, November 28, 2022.

The 5 Candidates have been invited as well as Mayor Jason Stokes who ha

s been re-elected by Acclamation.

Time – 7 PM - 9 PM

Use Bottom door for entrance with the club room accessed from the Bowling Alley.

Bar will be Open and we may have some musical entertainment as well.

Come out and meet the Candidates who will be representing you for the next 4 years.

5 Candidate names below who will be elected to fill the 4 council seats for Strait Shores.

Annamarie Lynn Boyd

Tanya Haynes

Stacy Jones

Lois Oulton

Neil R. Silliker

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