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The Ferry Road Lighthouse: Cape Tormentine Outer Wharf Range Rear Lighthouse

The rear tower at Cape Tormentine was maintained year-round beginning in 1906. Previously, it had been active only when needed by the Stanley. In 1907, a new tower for the rear range light was constructed under the supervision of the Department of Marine and cost $974. This structure remains today and has a height of thirty-two feet from the base of its solid section to the top of the ventilator. Ownership of the lighthouse was transferred to the Cape Tormentine Community Development Corporation in 2016. In 2017, restoration was completed on the lantern room as well as new siding and windows from Atlantic Windows. Fundraising efforts towards lighthouse restoration and maintenance projects continue in 2023.

-original structure standing and sometimes referred to as “Ferry Road Lighthouse”

-presence established in 1902

-a lantern on top of a mast became the front light for a year in 1907 while a new rear light was built

-built in 1907

-raised in 1919

-inactive since 1997

- described in Lighthouses of New Brunswick: Past and Present by Kraig Anderson and Kelly Anne Loughery (Nimbus Publishing, 2012)as “one of the most endangered lighthouses in New Brunswick, 2008”

- Cape Tormentine Entrance:R. Silas Ross (1917 – 1921), J. Reid (1921 – at least 1923).

- Position: 46.13148N, -63.78512

This informal research project was undertaken Summer 2022 by the Beacon Of The East special projects division of the Cape Tormentine Community Development Corporation. If you have stories, photos, artifacts or information about Indian Point Lighthouse, our other lighthouses or Cape Tormentine in general please email:


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Cape Tormentine Outer Warf Rear Lighthouse:

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