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From just the right spot in the Cape Tormentine Beach Campground you can see three lighthouses. The Indian Point Range Front, The Cape Tormentine Range Rear and the Cape Tormentine Outer Warf. Some of these beacon locations were first established in 1902! Today, the Cape Tormentine Community Development nonprofit continues to work towards acquiring and maintaining these important structures. While they are a work in progress, we are proud of these important pieces of our history!


Known as our "Beacon Of Hope" this brave little lighthouse was built in 1955. It is located at the entrance of the Campground to welcome you! It almost fell over the bank before it was rescued. It's been through a tragic fire and then survived hurricane Fiona (2022). This lighthouse is a lot like Cape Tormentine, resilient and beautiful! Check back here for restoration and project updates!

On the North side of the Campground you will find a raised lighthouse near Ferry Road. This beautiful lighthouse has stood watch over Cape Tormentine since 1902! After the completion of the Confederation Bridge in 1997, the Cape Tormentine-Borden Ferry was discontinued and the lighthouses were deactivated. In recent years, it's undergone some renovations with more plans in the works!

This short pepper-pot style tower was put in place in the 1940s. When the Ferry was discontinued this lighthouse was also deactivated in 1997. It was reactivated in 1998 at the request of local fishermen. The location is fenced to prohibit access. While this lighthouse is outside of the nonprofit's property it is visible from the Campground. Unfortunately it sustained further damage during hurricane Fiona (2022). We are currently working to turn this lighthouse into the third "Beacon Of The East" .

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