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Lighthouse Art Challenge

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Cape Tormentine's first online event!

INSPIRATION: In 2022 we began rebuilding Indian Point Lighthouse. Using the original blueprints, an architect completed an illustration of the lighthouse. Now it's your turn! Show us your most original, beautiful or silly lighthouse artwork. This challenge is for all ages! Here is how to get involved:

1. Email a photo of your completed lighthouse artwork (any medium) to:

2. Include your name, if you are under 18 please include your age (with parents permission)

3. If you would like to be considered for 1 of 3 prizes in February 2023 please include your mailing address

PLEASE NOTE: by emailing a photo of your artwork, you give us permission to post your artwork and your name online through social media channels and our website

This challenge is open to all ages and all regions of Canada.

Needs some ideas? Learn about our local lighthouses here. Happy creating!

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